I have not updated this blog in quite a while so I thought I would post a quick status.  I am back Denver consulting at Comcast, via Apex Systems and working with a amazing group of people. The current area of interest that excites me the most is Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) and more specifically the whole Continuous Integration -> Continuous Deployment/Delivery process.  For the last several years I”ve been focused on being able to quickly script an end to end database build and while I continue to perfect those techniques I now find myself developing skills needed to glue it all together. To that end I”m developing my expertise with tools needed to make that work productively with teams.

  • Rally – Agile Project Management tool
  • Jenkins – Open source continuous integration server
  • Maven – Apache Build Manager for Java projects
  • Scripted Database Deployments – I created an open source githup project for this.
  • Git – Fast growing distributed version control tool
  • GitHub – Online project hosting
  • bash shell scripting (side effect of learning git, but very useful for lots of things)
  • Markdown (MD) formatting – Plain text to html
  • Wiki formatting – Confluence, WordPress, and github. Why can”t there be just one.

More to come.