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The Emperor’s New Clothes… Resisting the Hadoop Imperative

Did You Jump on the Hadoop Bandwagon? Did You Do it for the Right Reasons? I recently saw a statistic that only 15% of Hadoop projects are in production. So that would mean that 85% of the Hadoop projects are … Continue reading

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Bernie’s List of Frequently Observed DB Performance Issues

I have put this list together a couple times over the years.   This one is adapted from one I did for a client several years ago.  This particular client had a lot of .NET programmers who had been pressed … Continue reading

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Basic Configuration Management Tools for (almost) free

Starting in September of 2006 and for about one year I took a hiatus from my career as a Data Warehouse focused Data Architect, Data Modeler and ETL Architect. As I prepared to re-enter the market as an BI consultant I started reading … Continue reading

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