Welcome to my site.  

For a career I am a technology guy and I make my living designing and building high performance databases typically but not always for reporting.

I can be passionate about something and logical at the same time.

I care deeply for the human experience and about protecting the environment/planet for those that must inhabit it after we are gone.  I am an engineer at heart and was trained by the Navy to operate a nuclear reactor.  That experience and my experience as a navy officer driving ships has had profound impact on the way I think and see the world.

The Emperor’s New Clothes… Resisting the Hadoop Imperative

Did You Jump on the Hadoop Bandwagon? Did You Do it for the Right Reasons?…

Bernie’s List of Frequently Observed DB Performance Issues

While networking recently, I was having a drink with a fellow data architect and dare I say friend, Bob Conway.  During the conversation…

Basic Configuration Management Tools for (almost) Free

I took a hiatus from my career as a Data Warehouse focused Data Architect, Data Modeler and ETL Architect…


I have not updated this blog in quite a while so I thought I would post a quick status.  I am back Denver consulting at Comcast…

Very Slow Heartbeat

It’s been another year and as I look back my major excuse for not posting is that I don’t feel like I know how to make pretty posts…

Who I Am (Careerwise)

I was recently asked to write a few sentences about myself for submission with my CV to a potential client…

(inspirational quote, personal mission statement?)